R3 Building Services specializes in a vast array of painting services. We are experts when it comes to applying paint, stain and coatings to walls, buildings and other structures. Some of the services included in our Painting Scope of Work are: cover floors and furniture with drop-cloths and tarps to protect surfaces, remove fixtures such as pictures, door knobs, or electric switch covers. We put up scaffolding and set up ladders, fill holes and cracks with caulk, putty, plaster, or other compounds. Also we prepare surfaces by scraping, wire brushing, or sanding to a smooth finish, calculate the area to be painted and the amount of paint needed. Primers or sealers are applied so the paint will adhere & will choose and mix paints and stains to reach desired color and appearance. Paint will be applied and or other finishes using hand brushes, rollers, or sprayers.

Applying paint to interior walls makes surfaces attractive and vibrant. In addition, paints and other sealers protect exterior surfaces from erosion caused by exposure to the weather. If in need of a dependable and qualified Painting contractor to paint a building or home, then R3 Building Service is the answer. Our licensed, insured professional painters will deliver high quality painting services that will give a home or business a polished and professional appearance. Whether in need of a restaurant, shop, warehouse, residential building, home or other commercial facility painted, R3 Building Services can satisfied your needs. With our timely and guaranteed quality service, any structure we paint will be left with a fresh new look and sustainability.

Commercial Exterior Painting – R3 Building Services has many years of experience painting newly constructed and existing commercial buildings and industrial buildings. We know how to effectively deal with business and customer inconveniences during the construction and painting process. We understand the importance of finishing on time or ahead of schedule and because of our extensive painting background. We have the capability to apply extra manpower, work nights, weekends, or whatever it takes to satisfy our clients’ needs. We possess the right equipment to handle any size Commercial Painting job in order to finish the project efficiently and on time so there is minimal impact on your business. Our extensive prep work will ensure a finished product that not only will meet standards and look professional but will last for years to come.

Investment Painting – Our company is fully capable and prepared to spruce up an investment property. Whether selling or leasing the property our work will lead to genuine satisfaction. We will work with the customer as needed to ensure the desired outcome. We will supply ideas for different color schemes and configurations. At the end of the day our goal is to make sure the customer is 100 percent happy with the results of our service.

Residential Painting - When owning a residence we understand how personally important it is to be happy and confident where residing. This is why we will spend as much time as needed working with our customers in deciding which type of paint and colors they wish to use. From color scheme to configuration there is no limitations as to how we can customize the exterior and interior of a home. The customer’s imagination combined with our expertise is the perfect recipe for a home with an amazing appearance.

Epoxy Coatings – Home owners are very passionate when it comes to their garage. Which is why we offer a variety of different options for garage floors and other concrete flooring. For residential coatings we offer granite full chip, light sprinkle and solid color systems. Removal of old epoxy coating is also a service we offer. We will work with the customer to decide the type of coating and color(s) to use. Customizing your garage or patio/deck allows our customers to obtain a much better look to their homes. Epoxy floors also help prevent dust, dirt and grease from being tracked into the home. Money can be saved by purchasing a do-it-yourself epoxy kit however these kits do not have commercial grade polymers and unless prepped and applied correctly the DIY kits can have an undesired outcome. Our professionals will properly handle and apply the epoxy leaving the floor with a clean, glossy attractive look.

Fence Resurfacing/Repainting - A fence can be a vital piece of the overall appearance of a home. Customizing a fence by resurfacing and adding color or stain brings the entire property together. We resurrect a fence by sanding it down, repairing it if needed and adding color. If the fence is made of metal or composite material we will sandblast to remove any old or unwanted color then repaint for a fresh new look.

Cabinet Resurfacing - Cabinets can make or break the look of a kitchen or any area they are present. Our company offers a cabinet service at a fair price; satisfaction guaranteed. We work with the customer in deciding color (paint or stain) and also trim styles if applicable to achieve a new look. We can handle any repairs we come across while re-modeling cabinets to ensure they look brand new when the job is finished.